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Fiber Cable Modem

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Product description
Fiber cable modem is a transceiver device that converts light Ethernet signals into other protocol signals. Fiber cable modem are also called single-port optical transceivers. 

They are designed for special user environments. They use a pair of optical fibers for single E1 or single V. 35 or single 10BaseT point-to-point optical transmission terminal equipment.

working principle

The fiber cable modem is a device similar to the baseband MODEM (digital modem). Unlike the baseband MODEM, it is connected to the fiber-optic line and is an optical signal.

It is used for the conversion of photoelectric signals and the conversion of interface protocols in the WAN. The access router is a wide area network access. 

The optoelectronic transceiver uses the conversion of the photoelectric signal in the local area network, but only the signal conversion, without the conversion of the interface protocol.

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